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Blood Cleanup

Don’t expose yourself to the hidden dangers attributed to a blood cleanup.  The consequences can be serious.  A blood cleanup is known to harbor bloodborne pathogens that can cause harm to life and well-being.  A contaminated area with blood means the presence of potentially infectious materials on an item or surface.  Therefore, the decontamination needed for a blood cleanup means the use of physical or chemical means to remove, inactivate, or destroy bloodborne pathogens to the point where they are no longer capable of transmitting infectious particles and area can be rendered safe to occupy. Your next step, is to call New Start Biorecovery to schedule your blood cleanup.

“We didn’t want to take the risk of cleaning up the blood after a crime was committed in our home.  Who knows what the creep had.  We were referred to New Start Biorecovery by a Victim’s Advocate from the police department.  They mentioned they’d treat us kindly and could come out right away and so they did.”

“Oh Mr. Lopez, I appreciate immensely you working with our insurance agent and absorbing part of our deductible to where we could afford paying you.  After he denied our claim initially, you were able to re-phrase things in a manner to where the insurance would pick up the bill.  Can’t thank you enough.  I hope I never need your services again.”
Maricela V.
Cordell S.