Our difference is the uniqueness of our agent architecture

gmi-foundation-logoVallum Halo Manager, the Halo Polling Agent, and the Halo Agent are built on the unique GMI Agent architecture. The uniqueness of Vallum Halo Manager, which downloads and installs in just a few seconds, lies in this agent-based technology that installs as a service across a small architecture framework. The Halo Agent runs in the background, consumes minimal system resources and is capable of delivering a host of IT asset statistics at a much lower cost than that of competing solutions. The Halo Manager Polling Agent automatically discovers all Halo Agents on a subnet, and collects all data such as device availability, CPU and memory load, disk space, system processes and services, and many other metrics. The data is transmitted to the Halo Manager where alerts are generated in the form of an email to any email address or distribution list.

More on the Halo Agent

The Halo Agent is built on technology developed by the GMI Foundation.  The Halo Agent is a universal agent with a fully-exposed and documented application program interface (API). The Halo Agent is included with the Halo Manager install, and has several microservice Halo Apps bundles with it’s install that provide common server performance metrics from the platform it is installed on. There are numerous Halo Applications that can be subsequently installed to extend its functional capabilities. The Halo Agent is non-intrusive, has a small footprint, resource utilization, and is entirely distributed remotely. Users will not know Halo Agent is installed on their devices.

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Vallum Software SDKs for building your own Halo Applications

Also available from Vallum Software are two software development kits (SDKs) for building your own Halo Applications, and modifying the Halo Manager interface. These two SDKs can be downloaded from the Halo APP Store. Further information is available on the GMI-Foundation website.
With the Vallum Halo Agent, organizations are freed from the burden of executing multiple commands across multiple solutions and architectures for enterprise updates or network device statuses. In leveraging Halo Agent, single users now have the bandwidth equal to that of multiple users managing multiple, proprietary systems with corresponding general management interfaces.
This revolutionary Halo Agent renders narrowly-focused, bloated and expensive proprietary interfaces as a thing of the past. Additionally, with a Vallum Halo developer community, the winner is the marketplace which gets to select the functionality and capabilities it needs through open application exchanges.