Vallum’s Halo Manager solution is built on a revolutionary decentralized architecture that significantly reduces complexity and expense, and increases flexibility and scalability. This decentralized architecture eliminates the need for a cumbersome and complex central server install that are the cornerstone of other network management and monitoring (NMM) solutions on the market.

Vallum’s architectural approach provides organizations with the capability to tailor the Halo Manager solution to their specific needs with specialized microservice applications called Halo Applications. These state-of-the-art applications are designed to add functionality to the Halo Manager solution in a very modular way without modifying the core Halo Manager solution. Please visit the Halo Applications page to learn more about Halo Apps. You can also visit the Halo App Store to see our growing selection of Halo Apps for download.

What is at the center of the Vallum Architecture…

Vallum’s architecture is built on a software agent called the Vallum Halo Agent. The Halo Agent is programmable and multi-purpose, and has a software development kit (SDK) built around it for the purpose of creating Halo Applications. The Halo Agent is built with technology from our partner the GMI Foundation. You can download the Halo Agent API, which includes full documentation, from the Halo App Store. You can also find out more about the Halo Agent technology and the Halo Agent API SDK at GMI Foundation.

Halo Agents can be deployed via an .msi file or they can be included in operating system deployments. Once installed, there is nothing else that needs to be configured on either side, and they will be automatically discovered by the Halo Manager solution through an ongoing discovery process.

Halo Agents are very compact and efficient, and take up minimal server/desktop resources – less than 100K of disk space, and 1% CPU on a Win7 OS with a 2.4 GHz processor.

Download free fully functional trial | Vallum Halo Manager has simple per/device subscription pricing

The Vallum Halo Manager is free to use up to 15 devices. All that is required is to update the license key every 90 days. Need more than 15 devices? Halo Manager has a simple and cost effective subscription pricing with no minimums. You can find out more about our pricing on our pricing page.

You can download and try a complete and fully-functional version of Vallum Halo Manager for free by clicking here.

Vallum Halo Architecture Framework